Winter 2017 Update – MacDuff’s Second Winter

It’s been a while since I last posted, so I wanted to give you all an update on how the great MacDuff the Scottie hand his family have been doing this winter!

Along with the fun wintery walks, MacDuff and his family have been working hard on their home-based business, MacDuff’s Soap Co. It has been a busy Christmas season so far, and we are looking forward to our next Air-BNB (check out this link to get a $45 credit towards your next stay at an Air-BNB) stay in the mountains!

Although we love going to the mountains, we have it pretty good just out our doorstep. This beautiful shot is from the Edmonton River Valley, about 5 minutes from our home.

We have been experimenting with MacDuff being off leash in the river valley, and he LOVES it! (although the leash is still attached, we are not holding it)

MacDuff, you are so Handsome!

MacDuff loves to dig, which in the winter always results in a snow-covered face! Scotties were originally bred to dig and burrow into fox and badger holes to rid farms of these pests. Imagine little 20lb MacDuff Taking on a BADGER! Those are scary animals!

Excitable, full of life, and so adorable! MacDuff just has a zest for life. He loves to run through and smell the trees!

Once he has had his fill of the snow, running and playing, MacDuff likes to get cozy in his kennel. What a funny guy! We never had to train him to be in his kennel, Scotties have a natural affinity to dark, cozy places- so his kennel is a perfect sanctuary for him!

if you are interested in more winter with MacDuff, Check out his first winter here, or the video below!

Does your dog love winter? Tell us about your loveable pooch in the comments below!

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