MacDuff on his First Vacation – Ucluelet, BC & Tofino, BC

Ucluelet, BC

You can do the Island one of two ways: extravagant, bold, and flashy; or a little more modest, but still spectacular (you just got to walk a little).
If you want your stay to be Oceanside, with waves and soft fog horns lulling you to sleep, choose the Blackrock. They know how to treat you, even down to the “save the bees” shampoo samples they give in each room (it is AMAZING). If you are going to stay here, make sure you check out sunset on the patio at “Fetch” (the hotel restaurant) with a glass of wine and oysters.

Otherwise, if you want an amazing experience for MUCH fewer funds, check out Air B&B (click here for your $50 voucher for air BNB). Check out this place, it is a short distance from the open ocean and has everything you need to make a great meal (just buy ingredients).

Okay – so you have a place to stay, but after all the vacationing you are doing, you really don’t want to make dinner at your suit, do you? If you are having dinner at Fetch, stay there. It’s awesome. If you want another idea, check out Jiggers fish and chips (OMG WOW) or The BlueRoom – a west coast bistro for their seafood chowder (uhh YUM).

Tofino, BC

Let’s talk about food. More food. Cause you’re going to need it after kayaking on the ocean(which we will talk about later)! Depending on what you are looking for, and hopefully, it is seafood,  because it is the west coast! Tacofino has THE BEST fish tacos you will ever have. It is a little out of the way, but well worth it.  Just south of the main town you will find a cool little loop of shops and restaurants. In town, there is s sushi place called Tough City Sushi with THE BEST strawberry sushi you will find, with a view of the bay!

Tough City Sushi
Tough City Sushi

Okay – time to spend some time with your little pooch. Check out Long/ Wickanininsh beach for some classic dog at the ocean time –  it’s amazing out there. Check the video from below; it starts at Long Beach and shows Buddy having a great time with his basket ball! (go to (3:43)

Once he is all tuckered out, he may want a nap. Good opportunity to check out Jamies Whaling Station for a Kayak Tour! Since no one wants to leave their dog unattended, Jamies offers a free kennel service while you paddle! It’s located under the building in a cave like atmosphere so your pooch will feel safe. Not that he will spend much time in there as the staff was SO excited to take our little buddy for a walk (with our permission, of course!) So MacDuff was treated like a king while we explored the bay with a great tour!

I recommend you also check out Jamies Whaling Station for a whale watching tour, if only for the cool outfit:

Jamies Whaling Station
Jamie’s Whaling Station


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