MacDuff on his first Vacation – Vancouver & Vancouver Island

Long have I awaited the days where I can bring a little pup with me on vacation to Vancouver Island. Well, it is here. MacDuff is ready to explore my favorite place on earth, and I am so excited to share it with you guys 🙂

Deep Cove North Vancouver, BC


This was our first glimpse of the ocean when we arrived on our first day. We found this great little area in North Vancouver with a harbor and a neat looking street leading up to it. MacDuff seemed excited to see the ocean, but that could also have been being couped up in the car all day! Or he could have just been excited for the turkey treat in my hand (Pictured below).

Make sure you get a chance to spend some time in Deep Cove– I highly suggest you rent a canoe or a kayak from Deep Cove Kayaks , they have great rates! When you are done kayaking there are lots of little shops and restaurants to spends some time at.  Make sure you go to the highly recommended Honey’s Doughnuts for a fresh doughnut and coffee!  Finally, make sure to check out Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers. It’s a little out of the way but what a great way to end off your tour of the Cove than to celebrate with a brew! (No dogs allowed)

If you do need a kennel for the day for your little friend, check out North West Kennels, they are close by and have reasonable rates 🙂

Lynn  Canyon, Vancouver, BC

Here you see MacDuff discovering Lynn Canyon’s Thirty Foot Pool in Vancouver, BC  on the first night of our trip.  It was raining quite a bit that evening, but it sure didn’t bother MacDuff!

If you are looking for neat outdoorsy things to do in North Vancouver, don’t get caught up in the trap of the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Go instead to the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, its free (not $42.95 per person) quieter and absolutely breathtaking!

lynn canyon
Lynn Canyon

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, BC

Here is part two! MacDuff did great on the ferry ride there, he just slept soundly in the car

My favorite part in the video is at minute (4:15) when MacDuff gets to go to Long Beach, Tofino. He sure gets a surprise the first time the waves come up at him.

MacDuff Mount Cokely Hike
MacDuff Mount Cokely Hike

Stay tuned –  MacDuff stays in Ucluelet and climbs Mount Cokley!

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