MacDuff: the first day!

To put it mildly, I am SO exited about this dog!!   His trip home was great – he slept, stared at me, got up to lick my face, and them slept again!

MacDuff in the Car
MacDuff in the Car at Lunch

Check out the video below to see MacDuff explore his new house, people, and get totally exhausted!

I wish I had taken more time off to spend with him in the first few days.  MacDuff adjusted well to his new home, as Caroline gave us a little blanket to seep on that smells like his brothers and sisters.

MacDuff's Blanket
MacDuff’s Blanket

You can see the blanket in the back – he couldn’t be left alone with it. MacDuff thought it was the bathroom!  He has learned to be better now, he can sleep on his blanket with no worries 🙂

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