Christmas in the Mountains of Invermere (a snowy white one!)

2017 in Edmonton has not been a very white one.  As a Christmas lover, this year has been quite disappointing, it really didn’t feel like Christmas.  Brown, warm and uninspiring, I was feeling a little down. But, we are heading for a vacation in Invermere, so I am hoping we can get some snow!

Driving in, the snow wasn’t all there, but what a beautiful sight anyways. a perfect sunset to greet us as we head up the mountain to the cabin!

The perfect holiday getaway on AirBNB must have a fireplace. Especially at Christmas, this sure helps us get into the Christmas spirit!

This fireplace is the perfect spot to take so product shots for our home-based business (name based on the great MacDuff) MacDuff’s Soap Company!

One of the greatest smells when you get out here is the fresh cut chopped wood for the fireplace.

We wanted to add to the evening, trying to bring the Christmas atmosphere to our cozy little cabin.  What better way to get in the Christmas spirit but to roast chestnuts?? The best way to cook them is cut an “x” in the nuts, heat a cast iron to medium, and cook a single layer of the nuts for 15 minutes making sure to shake every now and again.

Well, I am feeling pretty Christmas-y now! Even with this brown and bleak holiday season, we seem to have captured the cozy Christmas with our little buddy!

The next morning, we woke up to a MIRACLE! It was snowing! And snowing, and snowing and snowing…

We are so excited! Look at all that snow! MacDuff is just loving it, and the snow just keeps coming! We are here for another few days so we are not too worried about the snow- yet. Macduff is happy though, he lives for the snow:


Day two at the cabin, we get a clear blue day! And about six inches of snow. It’s Christmas!! Good thing we brought the SUV, it can make it down the mountain in this crazy snow! If you are interested in more things to do in Invermere, BC, Check out my post here!

The above picture was taken just outside the driveway to the cabin. As we are taking photos, we got some unexpected guests! The horses (and donkeys) decided we were interesting enough to check out! I am a little nervous around horses, but my goodness, look at this beauty!

The next day, we were surprised with EVEN MORE snow! Check out this shot! (its still snowing here) We have to leave tomorrow, and Sean is wondering if we will have to stay another day to avoid the treacherous roads.

But, alas, we say goodbye to the cabin, and even though the road report says the roads are okay, we have these completely snow covered roads for three hours.

But, of course, we had to stop and play with the little buddy every now and again!

Great shot of the mountains on highway 93.

MacDuff looking majestic as usual.

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Winter 2017 Update – MacDuff’s Second Winter

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Muskrat Ranch Photo Dump!

Muskrat Ranch – Kimberly, BC

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Winter with MacDuff!

There have been a lot of wonderful times with MacDuff so far, but none have been as rewarding as winter walks with the little buddy. He is engaged with his environment, enthusiastic, and always interesting to watch.

MacDuff Loves the Snow
MacDuff Loves the Snow

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Spent Grain Dog Treats – the best way to use up spent grain!

In my search for something to do with  all  the spent grains from my home brewing , I came across an idea that conveniently (and quite happily!) linked my love beer making to my love of dogs: spent grain makes great treats for your dog!

MacDuff, our lovable Scottish Terrier–who’s hobby is to eat–always needs treats to help train him… he is, as they say, a “food motivated dog.”  A lot of treats are needed to hold his interest, and unfortunately, not all dog treats are healthy for a dog.  This recipe makes a biscuit that is a cheap and healthy alternative to rewarding your dog for a job well done.  MacDuff loves them so much, his emergency word to get his attention quickly is “biscuit”!

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